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Ian MacGillivrays' version of The Taking of Christ by Caravaggio

Caravaggio taking of Christ

Recently completed project of a three quarter size version of - The Taking of Christ by Caravaggio. 
The original painting was exhibited as part of an exhibition at The National Gallery, London in 2016/17 and is now back in the permanent collection in The National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin.

Caravaggio painting taking of Christ
Caravaggio taking of Christ sketch
Caravaggio taking of Christ study

A Field of Maize

A composite work comprising of fifty two plein air paintings made through the course of a year.

One painting per week from a fixed position looking north east at midday

Ian MacGillivray painting A field of Maize

Size 29 x 107"   Oil on Linen Laid on Panel

A short film - A Field of Maize

A Year on The Hill 

A collection of twelve paintings each representing a month in the year.
The project narrates the considerable variation in deer behaviour and habitat through the seasons. 


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